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First, call the Jefferson County Barber Commission +1 (205) 325-5393.

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First, check with the Jefferson County Barber Commission +1 (205) 325-5393.

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The first thing you need to do is find an approved trainer/sponsor.

The Board requires a $50 certification fee to be paid for your CBA certification. The Pre-Apprentice program fees are $1200-$1500. This fee is nonrefundable and is due before acceptance is permitted.

No. The Pre-Apprentice training is in addition to your 3,200 clock hours. This training is given in a classroom environment and will cover Health and Safety laws of Jefferson County as well as other relevant topics that the program committee has included in the curriculum.

Yes. The Board requires all applicants have either a valid social security number(SSN) or valid tax payer identification number (TIN).

All licensed individuals, including CBAs, must have current, valid government issued, photographic ID with them while they are working in an establishment. If you do not drive, you may receive Alabama ID from the DMV.

Yes. However, all work that you perform on clients must be done under direct supervision of your trainer in the approved establishment listed on your license.

If for some reason you leave the program before completing the required curriculum, your trainer must submit a verification of training letter to the Board. Your hours and training are retained for two years should you decide to return.

If your trainer must take a day or two off due to illness, etc., you may not continue to work without your trainer present. If your trainer must take an extended leave of absence, it may become necessary for you to transfer to another trainer.

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