Meet The JCBC Board Committee

The Barber Chairman and Commissioners hold authoritative positions in regulating the barbering industry, making decisions on policy, licensing, and enforcement matters, thus ensuring professionalism, safety, and adherence to standards across barbershops and salons.

The Barber Inspectors

Are professionals responsible for ensuring the adherence of barbershops and salons to regulatory standards, performing inspections to verify cleanliness, sanitation, and compliance with safety protocols, thereby ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of clients.

Commission Coordinator & Representatives

The Barber Commission Coordinator and Representatives play a pivotal role in facilitating communication between barbers, regulatory authorities, and the public, overseeing the licensing process, resolving concerns, and representing the interests of both barbers and clients within the industry.

The JCBC Media Team

The Barber Commission media team is responsible for managing communication, public relations, and outreach efforts, utilizing various media platforms to inform the public, barbers, and stakeholders about regulatory updates, industry news, and initiatives related to the barbering profession.

Jefferson County Barber Commission

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