He currently serves as a commissioner and has held this position since 2019. Mr.Cepeda is also the first Hispanic elected to the commission since its formation in 1951. He occupies the position of commissioner as a Hispanic representative.

Since deciding to pursue barbering, Mr.Cepeda has discovered new things and developed his skills. Gradually, he became passionate about the services he provides to each client who sits in his chair. As a dedicated member of the Jefferson County Barber Commission, Cepeda has passionately served the community since 2008. He firmly believes in upholding the highest standards of barbering practices and ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of clients. Beyond his role in the commission, Cepeda actively engages with local initiatives aimed at improving residents’ lives in the county, whether by participating in community outreach programs or advocating for policies that promote inclusivity and diversity within the barbering industry. He is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those around him.

When Mr.Cepeda began barbering, he did not imagine that this profession would take him beyond just cutting hair. He discovered that he could become an ambassador of the profession and eventually a barber instructor. After ten years in the profession, he decided to pursue becoming a Barber Instructor, a significant goal that led to the realization of his dream of opening and owning Birmingham Barber and Style School in 2020. This school is the first Spanish-speaking barber school in Alabama. At his school, he trains top students and introduces them to the tools, technologies, and avant-garde developments currently shaping the profession.

In addition to serving on the Jefferson County Barber Commission, Mr.Cepeda successfully introduced the professional examination in the Spanish language, which helped bring the Spanish-speaking sector to the table. Leveraging his diverse background and expertise, he opened doors for bilingual personnel.

He is equipped with the necessary skills to effectively contribute to the commission’s objectives. He is dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment where ideas are exchanged, and innovative solutions are implemented to address the evolving needs of the community. As a proud member of the Jefferson County Barber Commission, Mr.Cepeda is excited about the opportunities ahead and remains steadfast in his commitment to serving the county’s residents.

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