New Shop Procedures

Looking To Open A Barbershop In Jefferson County?


Check with the Jefferson County Barber Commission +1 (205) 325-5393.

The office is now functioning under an appointment only policy, due to the impact and restrictions of COVID-19 Infection Control Standards. However, we are still able to function and process all of your concerns.


As of 8/12/2020 all business licenses must be presented and will be enforced: (city, county and state)

As of 4/01/2022 several changes have been made concerning the cost and procedure for new ownership and the opening of barbershops 

There have still been long wait times this year and countless avoidable fines that have taken place; due to improper, un-inspected and unapproved barbershop openings.


A Restricted Shop Owner must have a Journeyman(Registered Shop Operating Manager) in place and that Journeyman must take or have taken the “New Shop Owner’s Class.”

Owners with multiple locations, must also have Journeyman(Registered Shop Operating Manager) per location.

To qualify, Journeyman must have been a Licensed Journeyman for at least one year in Jefferson County. Also, Barbicide Certification must be completed and placed in Files/Link storage of personal profile on website.


  • Proof of Business Liability Insurance
  • Barbicide Certification Completed
  • Scan and email the following items:
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation (Shop Owners Only) 
  • 1 Letter on “Why you want to open shop”
  •  Copy of Lease 
  •  Inspection Fee     $150
  •  1 x New Shop Fee     $550
  •  New Shop Owner’s Class     $150
  •  Copy of Business License, Final Inspection and Shop Owner’s License    (TBA)

Remember, one must first contact the Jefferson County Barber Commission via link below: Contact Us To Schedule Appointment

  • Note:

If tackling this challenging process solo isn’t your preference, feel free to explore the ‘contacts’ section via the link below.

Hone Career Solutions– 

and allow them to solve all your problems.


 Failure to comply with Shop Opening Process could result in closure, penalties and/or fines.


We will notify the barbering community of any updated policies or practices to come,

as it relates to diseases, viruses and any other potentially threatening concerns.

Join us, as we seek to protect ourselves

and the residents of Jefferson County and surrounding areas.

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